How to know if a used car is stolen or not in Sydney

Have you ever wondered if the car you are planning to buy in Sydney might be stolen? Well, it has become tough for Australians these days to get a genuine used car.

Over the years, the number of stolen cars has increased dramatically. According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, one car is stolen every hour. Therefore, there are high chances you might end up buying one.

Now you might be wondering how you can know if the used car is stolen or not. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide. So keep reading the article.

Why do you need to check if the car is stolen or not before purchasing?

Although you may legally own the car, it may still be repossessed if there is a security interest in it. Additionally, the PPSR-listed finance provider will personally visit your residence and collect the vehicle. This will allow them to resell the car and collect their insurance money. Therefore, early precautions are the best way to guard against auto theft.

How can you check for a stolen car?

Maybe you remember that all it takes to find out if the car you’re thinking of buying has ever been reported stolen is to run a REVS check; unfortunately, that method proved to be too easy.

As a result, conducting such an investigation now goes by the name “PPSR check,” which stands for “Personal Property Securities Register” and is managed by the Australian Financial Security Authority.

A quick motor vehicle search through the PPSR’s online database or assisted phone service will only cost you $3.40, a steal when you consider the money you could be saving.

You will also get a search certificate in addition to seeing it on the screen.

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Things required to run the stolen vehicle check

In addition to a phone and/or computer, all you’ll need is the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the automobile you’re interested in purchasing, a valid credit card, and your email address.

You may check the status of your vehicle with absolute certainty by using a stolen VIN check, which accesses the stolen vehicle database. When you look into a possible case of rebirthing, which is the illegal registration of a stolen car, you must also figure out if this is a real case or not.

Find a stolen car ? Here’s what to do with it.

If a check reveals that the vehicle has been reported stolen, you should contact the PPSR department before purchasing it. Alternatively, you could contact the authorities. It’s possible that the person trying to sell you the car is unaware that it was stolen. They could be a kind person, but they could also be a thief who targets expensive cars.

1. Check the history of vehicle before buying it

When looking to buy a used car, it’s important to first verify its background. Being able to prove one’s rightful ownership of a car by looking into its past is a crucial step.

Information such as the vehicle’s VIN, written-off status, outstanding debts, and registration details are all included. Simply put, it’s a quick and easy technique to track down the owners of stolen vehicles. It also checks to see if the car has been reported stolen by putting the owner’s information in.

This portion of the registration form will list the car dealer as the vehicle’s legal owner. Keep in mind that the car’s registration information in the PPSR check report and the car’s history are different.

The parameters of the car number are in the history report, but the VIN number isn’t there because it only gives the real registration information for the vehicle listed on NEVDIS.

All you have to do is compare the ownership information to the paperwork the owner has provided. However, it’s easy to spot the stolen car. Even so, it might not always be the case. Although it is unlikely, sellers might always fabricate the papers.

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2. Perform a PPSR check.

When a car is stolen in Australia, it is reported to the police and entered into this area of the PPSR. A simple PPSR check will reveal the vehicle’s identity. Should I run through Quick PPSR? How do you do it? We’ll tell you.

  • Open the PPSR homepage in your browser.
  • Now, enter the vehicle identification number.
  • You will receive emails once the minimal fees have been deposited.

If you want a copy of the report as well as the related PPSR certificate issued by the government, all you have to do is click on the “view report” button.

When should I conduct a PPSR check?

On the day of purchase or the day before, you should check the PPSR to make sure the car has not been reported stolen, has no outstanding debts, is not scheduled for repossession, or has been declared a total loss.

If you do a PPSR search before purchasing a vehicle and you have the search certificate in hand at the time of purchase, you are legally and wonderfully protected from any obligations.

Best of all, because it is a nationwide system, it doesn’t matter which state you live in or how many times the car has changed hands in different states.

Look for the penalty detail of car

If you’ve already tried those other ways without success, you can move on to this one. since it is difficult to determine which car was taken. Here you may look up information about the vehicle’s components, like the engine. An automobile is considered stolen if its VIN number does not match the VIN on file.
Also, you can get the engine number from either a PPSR check or a regular vehicle history report, which both have a section for NEDVIS drawings.