How To Sell A Car With An Expired Registration?

Did you forget your car registration date and worrying about How to sell a car with an expired registration? Then, don’t worry we have come up with a guide for trading and selling in such cases. So, just keep on reading this article for detailed information.

In the fast-moving world, it’s quite tough to keep up with everything. Sometimes people can get so caught up to prepare for selling an old car that they might forget the registration date. But, don’t panic selling a car with an expired registration is still possible. However, the process might be more difficult due to some additional fees and buyers’ concerns.

How to sell a car with an expired registration

If you don’t want any potential issues in trading, register your vehicle and pay whatever additional late registration fees are owed. It will make it easier for you to provide registration information to the potential buyers to gain their trust.

Moreover, if you are not willing to pay extra registration fees just to sell soon after, here are other alternatives you can consider.

1.     Temporarily register your car as non-operational

You may get a non-operational title if the registration of your car is about to expire. It can help you to save late registration fees for missing the deadline.

Registering your car as non-operational clearly indicates that your car is not road-worthy for potential buyers. Therefore, they won’t be able to take it out for a legal test drive. Further, they can even ask you why you have registered your car as non-operational. So, you should have valid answers to satisfy buyers’ queries.

2.     Mark down the price to sell a car with an expired registration

Another way to sell a car with an expired registration is by giving a discount on the sale price. It helps attract a number of potential buyers.

If you are not able to afford penalty fees for late registration, lower the sale price, in exchange buyers may be willing to pay your penalties. However, if the buyer is already planning to give you low-ball offer, you might have to lower the sale price even further.

3.     Trade-in with a licensed dealer

If you have a clear title, you can trade -in a car even with the expired registration. In some cases, you may have to pay for the late registration fees if dealers are not willing to bear the penalties. If your state does not need dealers to register the vehicle, then you can negotiate for the fees while trading your car.

4.     No test drive

If you are trying to trade a car with an expired registration, you need to avoid any test drive. It is because you may have to pay for the penalties that could be just as liable for any registration.

Bottom Line, 

Registering your car before proceeding to sell is the safest and easiest way to get the buyers’ trust and better offers. Further, you can also check the laws of your state regarding the trading of expired registration.

We hope you get the idea of how to sell a car with an expired registration.