Tradesmen with skills are in demand in Sydney

A lesson learned from the recent coronavirus outbreak is that nothing can be guaranteed. The Dow Jones Industrial Average set a new high and then promptly crashed, and in the span of a few short weeks, millions of jobs were destroyed in the United States.

Parents who have never relied on government aid are suddenly standing in line for hours at the local food pantry, hoping to get enough food to last their families for the next several days; unless you’re a “important worker,” you’ll likely have to work from home, if at all possible.

The Great Recession of 2008 and the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 taught us that the past is not a reliable predictor of the future. That’s why it’s a good time to be looking for a job in the trades. This article discusses the benefits of working in the trades and how you may determine whether this line of employment is best for you.

Rising interest

Working in the trades is attractive today for the simple reason that, even in a dynamic economy, these are occupations that will always be needed. No matter how the economy evolves, there will always be a need for someone to ensure that essential services like electricity and water are maintained. Someone must construct our homes and businesses, pave our roads, and maintain lightning-fast communications infrastructure. The demand for plumbers in Sydney suburbs like Bondi were also in rise.

There is a significant shortage of available trading jobs at the moment. It’s not even the technical and engineering positions that companies are having trouble filling. As the Baby Boomers and Generation Xers who presently make up the bulk of the workforce retire, the need for skilled craftsmen and women, from welders and electricians to machinists, will only rise.

High compensation, interesting tasks

A career in the trades offers more than just steady employment. It’s also about being paid well to accomplish job that you find fulfilling. For example, the median annual salary for a licenced electrician is slightly under $50,000, with the highest 10% of earners in the field bringing in over $83,000.

Plumbers and HVAC professionals, in particular, are in high demand and may charge high hourly rates, making them ideal professions for entrepreneurs. Aspiring company owners may find that catering to both commercial and residential clients is all it takes to launch a successful enterprise that will continue for generations.

Growing to greater heights

You might search for job as a cell tower climber if you’re not frightened of heights and have a thirst for adventure. Recently, there has been a rising need for improved network performance in all areas. There has been a dramatic increase in the need for network technicians as the industry has moved from 3G to 4G and now to 5G.

When there is a high demand, there is also a high price tag. In 2017, a climber atop a cell tower or transmission tower could expect to earn a median income of over $60,000. Still, you shouldn’t misunderstand.

The money you make in a work like this is guaranteed to cover your basic needs. Falls and electrocution are two of the most prevalent causes of industrial injury, and studies suggest that cell tower climbing is one of the most hazardous occupations in the country. As fascinating and rewarding as this profession may be, you must be willing to leave your concerns at the door if you pursue it.

Initial Steps

There are a variety of entry points into the trades that might help you find your dream career. You may get a licence, certification, or apprenticeship, or you could bypass the steps and go straight for your ideal firm. There are a few prerequisites you must meet before pursuing that option. Take stock of your web presence first. Do your best to present a professional image on social media and think about making a website to impress potential employers with your skills and qualifications.

You should use this opportunity to update your résumé. Your CV is not the place to downplay your accomplishments. Now is your chance to demonstrate why you should be hired for the position and the firm. It’s now or never to demonstrate to your potential employer why you’re the best possible hire.

An important lesson

When it comes to job stability and pay, a college education is no longer required, but a crafts career may give the same benefits. The services provided by the trades are essential and will always be in demand. They provide secure salaries sufficient to raise a family, and they also provide the chance to devote one’s working life to meaningful endeavours.